What's New @ EQ

3 Tips for ViPR Conditioning

ViPR connects movement and conditioning into one unique exercise.   At EQ we added ViPR training to simulate real movement patterns.  It's important because the way we train our body is the way we use it in everything we do.  Real movement patterns have a carry-over...

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Battling Ropes 3 Exercise Tips

Battling ropes have a tendency to knock you off balance and pull you forward due to the weight.  Thomas's three battling rope tips will help you with strong core and form: 1. Short bursts, no more than 15 to 20 seconds of all out work.  Give it everything you've got,...

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Spartan Friday

It's exactly how it sounds.  This will be back to back exercises at high intensity and high volume. A hard combination of most of our arsenal: TRX suspension and RIP trainers, Med Balls, Jump Ropes, Battling Ropes, Kettle Bells, ect. Please be mindful of your own...

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Spring TRX Training

The sun is peeking out which means we're thinking about warmer days. What are you doing to get in shape for the summer? We're offering 30 days of free classes (TRX, Bootcamp & Zumba) with a paid membership. After your free 30 days, membership is only a low $75.00 a...

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Tabata Workout Routine

The Tabata workout lasts only four minutes, but is one of the longest four minutes you'll encounter. The structure of the program is: Workout hard for 20 seconds Rest for 10 seconds Complete eight rounds You push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and rest for...

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2 Tips – Training for an Organized Run

BUILD MILEAGE GRADUALLY Probably the number one cause of running injuries is when runners do too much, too soon, too fast. The body needs time to adapt from training changes and jumps in mileage or intensity. Build your weekly training mileage by no more than 5 to 10...

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Thomas Talks About Core Muscles

1.  Posture - We all know about the big muscles but what about the small muscles.   You can create stress in the deep muscles without proper posture.  One tip is being aware of the deeper muscles.  Pulling your belly button up invokes awareness of your deep spinal...

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EQ Offer First Month Free Classes

We are offering the first 30 days unlimited classes free with membership.  Your membership includes unlimited classes.  Currently we are offering TRX strength and conditioning training, Zumba dance, and Bootcamp style intense group class.  All levels welcome. Sign up...

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Holiday Party, December 12th – 6pm-9pm

Join us on Thursday, December 12th 6pm to 9pm for food, drinks and holiday specials unlimited monthly TRX classes $75.00 8 pack of classes for $110 (reg price $160) Bring in your current gym card and see how we can transfer your membership!! EQ Fitness 3270 California...

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December Charity Shoe Drive

A charity shoe drive to help the homeless during the winter benefitting St. Vincent de Paul. Bring in your gently worn fitness shoes.

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OPEN HOUSE – November 14, 2013 – 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Join us on Thursday, November 14th for our first open house in our NEW LOCATION. Meet the trainers for EQ Fitness and see how TRX can change the way you stay fit. We will be giving tours of the weight room, showing you how Power Plate improves bone density, introduce...

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We’ve MOVED!

Come see our all new location on California Ave! 3270 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 View Larger...

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Train 1-on-1 or with a small group of your friends.

Take high-energy group fitness classes.

Prepare for your athletic season; sharpen strength and agility between events.

Recondition your body post-rehabilitation.

Improve mobility and strengthen your body to prevent common injuries.

Push yourself in an environment that is focused on safety instead of posturing.