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Exercise To Become Smarter

Exercise to become smarter may be another benefit alongside weight loss, muscle toning, and improving coordination and injury prevention.

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Sample These Unique Classes All In One Workout

It's a festival of fitness - It's a Fitival! Saturday, Dec. 19th from 1:30 - 3:30  ($10.00 fee) Register Here These unique classes with be combined into one awesome workshop to optimize burning calories and gaining strength. 1:30 -1:40 Group Warm Up 1:40 -...

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New Class-AcroYoga Fundamentals

Join in on the fun and discovery our new class offering, AcroYoga! Learn the alignment and technique to make this addictive practice approachable and safe for all ages and fitness levels. A typical class will consist of a warm-up, demonstrations of static poses and...

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EQ Fitness Group Garage Sale

Would you like to sell some of your treasures during the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day but don't have enough for a garage sale by yourself? Join us at the EQ booth! We have tables at the group garage sale spot next to Hotwire Online Coffeehouse on 4400...

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5 Tips for Beginner Runners in Seattle

Thinking about becoming part of the group of beginner runners? Before you tie your running shoes, read our top 5 tips on starting out on the right foot. 1.  FIND the right shoes.  Sure, you have a pair of running shoes stuffed in the back of the closet but technology...

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Get Ready Brides with the Wedding Workout

Are you planning a wedding, either as a bride or bridesmaid?  EQ has small classes for you and the wedding party that are fun, informative and gets everyone in shape for the big day.  Get to know your wedding party in a fun way with a small group bridal class.  You'll...

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Spring Forward Offer

Are you ready to ‪#‎SpringForward‬? We are, and with a brand new offer! Sign up now for EQ's unlimited classes (includes new Aerial Fit & Ballerina Booty), and save $30 a month (reg price $150). If you sign up before March 31st, you'll also receive your 12th month...

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3 Tips to Get Aerial Fit

It's a new way to workout, and exclusive at EQ Fitness.  Aerial Fit is one of the newest classes we've added to the class schedule, and our EQ tribe are loving it.  How can you maximize your time in the silks?  Thomas and Kat give your their top three hot tips: 1....

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Valentine’s Day Fit for $5 Offer

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  This day, known for intimate dinners and drinks with friends in the evenings, leaves the whole day free for fun and savings! This Valentine come into EQ for our Fit for $5.00 offer.  Choose any of our popular classes on...

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2 Ways to Reduce Post Muscle Workout Soreness

#1: Take Caffeine Caffeine is well known for its enormous benefits on endurance and strength training performance. Caffeine’s ability to reduce DOMS is less known, but it appears to be one of the most effective ways of curing sick muscles. A recent study had trained...

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We’re Starting Our Fundraising for the West Seattle Parklet

Donate to the new West Seattle Parklet We are writing to you with a hope you will help us build a new parklet in the West Seattle community. What is a parklet you may ask? It's a park in parking spaces! That's right, and they're in Seattle! Parklets convert on-street...

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One Month Free

Now, through January 31st take advantage of a free month.  Purchase 11 months and get the 12th ($150.00 savings), for...

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Train 1-on-1 or with a small group of your friends.

Take high-energy group fitness classes.

Prepare for your athletic season; sharpen strength and agility between events.

Recondition your body post-rehabilitation.

Improve mobility and strengthen your body to prevent common injuries.

Push yourself in an environment that is focused on safety instead of posturing.