Join EQ’s high energy, low impact classes: ViPR™ Integrated Conditioning, TRX® Suspension and Rip Training, Power Plate® Aerial Fit, Power Hour, Spartan Friday, and many more.

Join fellow Equilibrium Fitness members for a variety of high energy, low impact, group fitness classes. We keep our class counts low to focus on fun, safety and personal attention. Many of the classes use the same breakthrough fitness gear found in our personal coaching sessions, including: TRX® Suspension and Rip Training, ViPR™ Integrated Conditioning, Power Plate®, kettlebells and Dynamax Medicine Balls.

All Equilibrium Fitness classes are open to the public. New classes are being added all the time. Sign up online or drop in today!

Aerial Fitness
Yoga/ Fitness Suspended in the air on Circus Silks set up as Hammocks. This is a class for every level even beginner. The Silks have you totally supported and enable you to perform poses that you might be unable to do on the floor on your own. Great for spinal decompression, flexibility, and general conditioning.
Ballerina Booty
It’s all about that Bass ladies, with our Barre inspired booty focused class. Let one of our Booty Barre instructors help you get that dancer’s backside you’ve always wanted.
Boot Camp
Every single sweat and energy inducing session is a full body workout! These sessions include TRX, compound strength exercises, circuit training, plyometric training, tabata’s, power and agility drills, challenging cardio drills, effective core strengthening, and fun partner drills! Every class is different, so you and your body will never plateau or get bored!
Risa's Power Hour
Boot Camp-style fun times!
Spartan Friday
It’s exactly how it sounds. This will be back to back exercises at high intensity and high volume. A hard combination of most of our arsenal; TRX suspension and RIP trainers, Med Balls, Jump Ropes, Battling Ropes, Kettle Bells, etc.

We’re always mindful of your own abilities and work at a pace you’ll be comfortable with and can control your form.

Beginner and intermediate level training using the TRX suspension and RIP trainers combined with ViPR and medicine balls.
TRX Power®
Don’t have time to waste? This is the class for you! 25 minutes of quality suffering with the TRX and ViPR. Get in, get it done, and then get out!


Train 1-on-1 or with a small group of your friends.

Take high-energy group fitness classes.

Prepare for your athletic season; sharpen strength and agility between events.

Recondition your body post-rehabilitation.

Improve mobility and strengthen your body to prevent common injuries.

Push yourself in an environment that is focused on safety instead of posturing.



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