Thinking about becoming part of the group of beginner runners? Before you tie your running shoes, read our top 5 tips on starting out on the right foot.

1.  FIND the right shoes.  Sure, you have a pair of running shoes stuffed in the back of the closet but technology has changed.  Check out your local indie running store, they will not only measure your foot but also evaluate your stance.  Are you neutral?  This “step” is totally worth the investment.

2.  WEAR the right clothing.  In our Seattle climate, layers is the key to a comfortable run.  Who has been hit with rain, hail and sun all within an hour?  Breathable layers that wicks away sweat will keep you from getting chilled or overheating.

3.  BUY the right socks.  We recommend you invest in a double-layer sock.  As the material slips against your foot and shoe it rubs together instead of your tender feet.  What does that mean?  Less blisters and more motivation to run again.

4.  GROUP runs.  Need some extra motivation to stay on goal?  Find a runner’s group for beginners who are helping each other with a new fitness routine.  Or, start working towards a 5k!  Just stay motivated.

5.  SEARCH for a scenic run.  Running around and around a track?  Boring.  BUT if you challenge yourself to find runs, the excitement as to what you’ll see will keep you interested.  Here’s some suggestions to get you started.

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