Aerial Fit

It’s a new way to workout, and exclusive at EQ Fitness.  Aerial Fit is one of the newest classes we’ve added to the class schedule, and our EQ tribe are loving it.  How can you maximize your time in the silks?  Thomas and Kat give your their top three hot tips:

1.  Core Control – Working to strengthen the core leads to multiple benefits.  A strong core gives you increased stability and movement, improved balance and decreases your risk of back injury.  Focus on the core while in the silks, you can slow down and work the adominal muscles during lifts.

2.  Strength Control – A lean body built with a strong core, strength and posture leads to lifelong fitness.  Focus on each part of the routine while in the silks, feel the muscles stretch as you move from one posture to another.

3.  Awareness – With the silks, its easy to swing around, and sometimes into each other.  If you follow the core control and learn to stabilize the silks you’ll begin to minimize that swing.  Keep your toes on the ground if you feel the silk swinging away from you.

Want to learn more about Aerial Fitness?  Our first class is always free, or if you’re a current member the Aerial Fit class is included in your package.

Now through April 30th, we’re offering a discount of $30 per month off your membership (regular price $150 per month).  If you sign up before March 31st, we’ll also discount your 12th month.  That’s a $480 savings.